GGBO22 Begins

A while ago, I heard about the Great Guitar Buildoff. I thought, “nah, I’d never be good enough to enter that!” Well, after a couple more projects completed and having learned something each time, I decided I was up for the challenge. So I’ve entered the 2022 competition in the kit builder category, as I’m not yet making my own necks to qualify to join the scratch-build category.

The other challenge is documenting my work in the form of videos. I can do still photos, of course, but making and then editing a video is something else entirely.

But I had a design in mind that I was going to start this year anyway, so I decided that this would be the project to enter. It’s going to be inspired by a ’50s-style Atomic Age/Mid-Century aesthetic; rounded, asymmetrical, totally “futuristic” and with lots of shiny chrome.