2022 in Review

Closing in on the end of 2022 at Taiho Guitars. This was my first year in official existence and it has been a learning experience.

  • I hate accounting. I have to do it, due to that whole “official business” thing and I think I’m doing it right enough to pass muster with the state and IRS. But I still don’t like it.
  • GGBO22 was another learning experience. One I may or may not repeat. While Blast-O-Sonic was completed, I’m not entirely happy with the full end result. I think when things started going wrong and I was getting frustrated during the summer, it started becoming a chore, and I wanted that guitar just done. I also discovered that the requirement of recording and editing video as part of the submission was not in my area of expertise. As frustration mounted, recording video fell by the wayside as a low priority. There are lots of things I want to do with BoS to refurb and renovate it. I need to step away from the guitar for a while just to let the GGBO experience cool off.
  • Akheron, my first prototype of a from-scratch body, was another learning experience. I documented all the things I liked about the project but also all the things that I feel need improvement in my technique and practices. The body shape was maybe not my best idea. Seemed great on paper, but the reality is not as forgiving. I may just rip out all of the parts and reuse them for another project.
  • On some positive notes, I’m getting better at spray finishing. Still have a ways to go, but I think the burst that I did on Snow Queen was pretty decent.
  • Another item on the learning list was photography. I think buying the cheap lighting kit helped out a lot so that I could practice in the basement of Lincoln Guitar Works.
  • Nazgûl was probably my proudest creation this year. Painting the Eye of Sauron wasn’t easy but I’m really happy with how it turned out. Plus the guitar is just frickin’ fun to play!
  • I need to revamp my inventory system. I started out using one app for parts inventory but I think it’s too heavily rooted in accounting to be practical for me right now. I need something simpler so I can ease into the accounting realm.

Looking ahead to 2023, I had some ideas for both the workshop and projects. I’d initially thought to start learning to build necks, but as I priced out tools and equipment, I think I’m still at least another 2-3 years away from necks. With the experiences of Blast-O-Sonic and Akheron, I’d like to improve my rate of satisfaction with projects.

Of the four instruments completed this year, I’d rate my satisfaction level at 2¼ out of 4.

On the docket at some point is converting Ke Kai from a 5-string into an 8-string. Chevelle needs some readjustment in the neck pocket and bridge. The Tartancaster project also needs to be completed to list for sale. I need to have something to generate revenue, after all!

Databass will begin again after many starts and stops when back in the workshop over the holidays.

2022 was a year of learning. Frustrations, heartbreaks abound, certainly. But lots of learning and getting better. This is, after all, only barely 3 years into this new world.