• GGBO22 Begins

    A while ago, I heard about the Great Guitar Buildoff. I thought, “nah, I’d never be good enough to enter that!” Well, after a couple more projects completed and having learned something each time, I decided I was up for the challenge. So I’ve entered the 2022 competition in the kit builder category, as I’m not yet making my own necks to qualify to join the scratch-build category.

    The other challenge is documenting my work in the form of videos. I can do still photos, of course, but making and then editing a video is something else entirely.

    But I had a design in mind that I was going to start this year anyway, so I decided that this would be the project to enter. It’s going to be inspired by a ’50s-style Atomic Age/Mid-Century aesthetic; rounded, asymmetrical, totally “futuristic” and with lots of shiny chrome.

  • Got a Name

    The design is still on paper and in my head, but since my workshop is over 300 miles away at our country home and we’re not going back until Memorial Weekend, all I can do right now is to keep on designing. My entry is a retro Atomic Age/Mid-Century inspired design and I’d been struggling with coming up with a name for it.

    I finally stumbled on a few that I started liking, and my wife agreed. Then she came up with another one that I absolutely loved as well (despite not being born in that decade, the ’50s culture really appeals to her). So we decided to combine the two names to hearken back to the age of “New Technology,” “The Future,” and “Convenient Suburban Idyllic Lifestyles” the ads loved to promote.