2022 in Review

Closing in on the end of 2022 at Taiho Guitars. This was my first year in official existence and it has been a learning experience. Looking ahead to 2023, I had some ideas for both the workshop and projects. I’d initially thought to start learning to build necks, but as I priced out tools and …

March Updates

The site design has been revamped with a new template. I updated the project gallery (through the main Project page) with a better-looking set of images that directly link to the detailed instrument pages now. Red Death was completed in late February. I submitted in the “guitar of the month” contest held by a guitar …

Red Death

The Masque of the Red Death is mostly complete. Project page has been updated. One of the string trees needs to be replaced, as the screw broke off while I was installing it. I didn’t drill the pilot hole deep enough, apparently. Still also needs a proper set-up, but because the truss rod was so …

Ice Dragon

Commission page updated. Ibanez Iceman-style guitar, with design inspired by the client’s performance Dodge Challenger.

Merch Page Updated

Layout coding was updated. Much more responsive to mobile devices, and will be easier to maintain as I add more products. And speaking of which, also added some pullover hoodies.

Demon Rise

Kijo is done! Finished the major painting and top coating at the workshop, brought her back home for final assembly. Now just need to do a proper set-up, but I was too excited at four months of work coming to its conclusion that I had to take pictures and play her right away!